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Brought to you by Beyond Compliance Consulting - Rebecca Helgeson

Image of Speaker Rebecca Helgeson with a microphone in her hand. Rebecca is a white woman with blonde hair, shoulder length, wearing a blue and black stripped blouse.

Speaker: Rebecca Helgeson

Rebecca Helgeson has over forty years of experience providing supports to individuals who reside in community based residential and utilize day support facilities. She has extensive knowledge of the federal HCBS Waiver and ICF/IID regulations, processes and practices.  Rebecca was employed in California for over 27 years for a diverse provider agency and was employed as a QIDP, and the Director of Operations and Compliance. She also volunteered as an instructor to public and private providers in Federal and State regulations. This volunteer teaching included statewide QIDP certification for professionals working for private agencies in the state. Rebecca was the Regulatory Consultant for the Developmental Services Network (DSN), a provider association in California. She has presented at National Conferences and consulted in over 18 states. In 2012, Rebecca returned to her home state of Virginia and continues to provide consulting services. 

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